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Polish Border Guard will receive new perimeter protection kits


In 2020, the Polish Border Guard will be equipped with 7 mobile perimeter sets intended for the detection and recognition of objects in border regions. The aim of the project is to strengthen the level of surveillance and protection of the external border of the EU.

Kits and staff training will be provided by our Special Systems Department.

Perimeter protection systems are designed to detect and recognize objects in border areas: on the extension of border crossing fences and in hard-to-reach places with limited observation possibility. These systems increase the possibilities of monitoring and protecting the border, in difficult weather conditions and in hard-to-reach terrain, allows to increase the level of security of officers and the country. The system will be a perfect complement to the stationary (optoelectronic systems installed on towers) and portable (handheld cameras) elements of the Technical Observation System.

Sets will be installed near Border Guard posts and border crossings in such a way that the signal from the sensors is transmitted via retransmitters to control stations located in the Border Guard posts and road crossings.

The contract covers the performance of delivery, installation, configuration and commissioning in locations indicated by Border Guard, provision of warranty and training. The Border Guard carries out the purchase under the "Program for the modernization of the Police, Border Guard, State Fire Service and State Protection Service in 2017-2020".