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ABB is recognized as one of the most innovative companies in the world. Innovative solutions increase the efficiency and quality of the company's products. ABB products have always symbolized the highest quality, precision and maximum technological advancement. The company is a leading supplier of advanced UPS Systems and EV Charging Systems.


Delta is a global supplier of energy-saving solutions with core competencies in the field of power electronics and automation. The company offers some of the most energy-efficient energy products in the industry, including switch mode power supplies with efficiency over 90%.

FG Wilson

FG Wilson (a brand of Caterpillar Inc.) is a leading global supplier of diesel generators. For over 50 years of history, FG Wilson diesel  generators have been installed in over 150 countries  worldwide. You’ll find FG Wilson generator sets installed in many of the world’s most iconic buildings, in hospitals, banks, airports, data centers, factories, construction sites, hotels, offices and telecommunications networks,  guaranteeing that they are never without electric power.