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implemented projects

Universal Container Module

Base container for the construction of special facilities for military purposes, such as: Mobile Command Center, Field Mail, Special Cabin or others.

Installation of two P715-3 generators in a BDF container

Two power generators in one container with a total capacity of 1430kVA. Possibility of single and parallel operation as well as cooperation with the power grid.

EMC generator – SYP

Compact 27V DC generator set with reduced electromagnetic emission, for powering peripheral devices mounted on military vehicles.

EMC generator – SYG

230 / 400V alternating voltage generating set, with reduced electromagnetic emissions and increased environmental resistance, adapted to power military devices.

TVN - generator housing

Super silent generator, with an enlarged fuel tank, in a mobile version to power film sets.

Generatory o mocach od 40kVA do 110kVA zabudowywane na samochodach dostawczych (Mercedes Sprinter)

Generators with power from 40kVA to 110kVA installed on vans (Mercedes Sprinter)

Four generators in a SE0230A container construction

Generators in container structures, adapted to the requirements for military facilities. They are designed for parallel operation in pairs. The contract was completed in a very short time, commissioning on the site took place less than three months after receiving the order.