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Siltec is a leading manufacturer and supplier of dedicated TEMPEST hardware. The company offers a wide range of computers, peripherals and network equipment to ensure the security of classified information processed. We have three Electromagnetic Shielding Laboratories, allowing us to carry out TEMPEST standard measurements. Siltec offers design of dedicated equipment, precision engineering and manufacturing and related service support for government institutions and agencies, European Union and NATO organisations as well as other entities involved in the processing of classified information.

We design and manufacture our products in accordance with NATO and EU standards. The company brings together experts in the design, manufacture and testing of secure computer systems in order to provide complete solutions that meet the requirements of our customers.

In the company's Electromagnetic Shielding Laboratories we have the possibility of testing equipment for compliance with the requirements of SDIP-27 and SDIP-28 standards. We test both the equipment of our own production and such manufactured by other entities, on a commercial basis.

We are accredited TEMPEST equipment manufacturer by the Council of the European Union.

We are a certified TEMPEST product vendor for NATO member states.