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Deliveries of portable cooled infrared cameras for Polish Border Guard

Siltec has been providing portable, cooled infrared cameras and accessories for the needs of Border Guard units since 2018. Siltec instructors also provide professional training for users. In total, we have already delivered over 122 cameras and in 2020 another delivery of 56 sets will be carried out.

Portable, cooled infrared cameras are mainly intended for covert observation of the area, in order to detect people crossing the state border contrary to the regulations or attempting to cross, at a distance of at least 3 km from the observer.

Cameras are used in difficult terrain with limited visibility, at any time of the day, throughout the year and in all weather conditions occurring in Poland.

Cameras are used primarily by walking patrols and during organized ambushes to observe the most endangered sections of the state border.

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