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We offer

Cryptographic devices enable to maintain a high level of confidentiality of classified information transmitted via telecommunications systems.

Observation, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems enable conducting, often hidden, observation, as well as real-time transmission, recording and processing of data obtained using dedicated software.

In the area of radiocommunication, Siltec offers comprehensive systems or system components such as radios, antennas, masts, power supply and charging systems.

We offer navigation systems, i.e. GPS receivers, tactical air navigation systems, radio navigation aids.

Target Detection and Designator Kit used by Tactical Air Control Party to coordinate the operation of air forces, combat helicopters, artillery (joint fire support) with fire and maneuver of Land Forces.

Siltec offers Universal Container Modules (UMK), which can be freely configured and equipped according to customer requirements.

Siltec's offer includes sets of Helicopter Personnel Vest Kits (ZKŚPL).

In the field of anti-drone systems, DRS cooperates with the Enterprise Control Systems Limited (ECS).

Siltec's offer includes Satellite Communication Systems, such as: SHF tactical portable satellite terminals, STS tactical portable satellite terminals.

In the field of professional Sound Systems for special purposes, including military , police and emergency aplications, we cooperate with PASS Medientechnik.

Siltec's offer includes SFC fuel cells that are widely used in the armed forces as well as organizations and units related to broadly understood security.

Damage Control Simulator (DCSIM) provides a realistic training environment to develop and conduct damage control exercises to provide the shipboard personnel as part of damage control readiness and the internationally recognized commercial and naval standards.

ULAQ is the name of the Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) product family developed by the strong alliance of ARES Shipyard and Meteksan Defence, which includes different platform types, capabilities and functions.

Marathon Targets makes the world’s most realistic live-fire training system for small-arms training. The targets are autonomous robots which can freely move around any training range without direct operator control.