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Observation, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems

Observation and surveillance systems enable real-time observation and transmission (also hidden). They allow to record and process the obtained data using dedicated software. Additionally, these systems can be integrated with external sensors such as seismic sensors, creating an advanced multi-sensor system, allowing for more effective, faster and more precise detection, location and recognition of targets / objects.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of products and systems, including:

  • portable thermal imaging cameras (cooled and uncooled)
  • long range daylight cameras
  • thermal imaging cameras for measuring human body temperature
  • integrated optoelectronic heads with a pan-tilt mechanism (PTZ)
  • recognition sensor sets

In the field of optoelectronics, monitoring, surveillance and perimeter protection systems, DRS cooperates with companies such as: Aselsan, EVPU Defence a.s., Seraphim Optronics.

We offer products from the ASELSAN portfolio mainly to the Border Guard. The flagship product implemented by Siltec to the Polish market is portable, cooled GOZ Mobil thermal imaging camera (more information at Implemented projects: Deliveries of portable cooled infrared cameras for Polish Border Guard).

Portable, cooled thermal imaging camera
Portable, cooled thermal imaging camera
  • These are cameras for covert observation of the area. They are mainly used by foot patrols of border guard. The cameras can detect people at a distance of at least 3 km from the observer.
  • The great advantage of this equipment is the ability to configure and adjust the camera parameters depending on the needs and requirements of the users.

The full portfolio of optoelectronic products and systems is available on the website ASELSAN.

The Special Solutions Department cooperated many times with EVPU Defense a.s. from the Czech Republic by implementing integrated projects, e.g. delivery of Mobile Surveillance Systems (PJN) or an optoelectronic system for observation towers for Border Guard (more information at Implemented projects: Mobile Surveillance Systems (MSS) for Polish Border Guard and  Optoelectronic system on the Border Guard observation tower).

EVPU Defense a.s. has its own R&D office and provides comprehensive customer service including research and development, design, delivery, warranty and post-warranty service. Thanks to professional facilities and qualified staff, EVPU is a trusted partner of Siltec.

Provided by EVPU Defense a.s. components for observation systems, i.e. daylight cameras, thermal imaging cameras, pan-tilt  mechanisms, sensors and cable systems, GPS, DMC, LRF and many others, are highly reliable and durable products.

Optoelectronic heads with the Pan-Tilt-Zoom mechanism
Optoelectronic heads with the Pan-Tilt-Zoom mechanism

Integrated optoelectronic heads including, among others thermal imaging camera, daylight camera, GPS, DMC, LRF, are used both in mobile systems (4x4 off-road vehicles with an optoelectronic system mounted on a retractable mast and operator stations, i.e. Mobile Surveillance Units) and stationary (border guard observation towers).

Thermal imaging cameras for measuring human body temperature
Thermal imaging cameras for measuring human body temperature

We offer thermal imaging cameras for measuring human body temperature:

  • SUMO FSC3,
  • SUMO FSC6.

These types of systems are used in all kinds of places and facilities where there is a large flow of people, e.g. the entrance to a shopping center or office building.

The systems allow a relatively simple and quick measurement of the temperature of the human body with high accuracy.

The use of such a camera allows you to quickly and reliably identify people with increased body temperature (which is an important indicator of infection, e.g. in the case of COVID-19 infection), enabling their isolation for further, detailed tests.

Siltec started cooperation with Seraphim Optronics in the field of optoelectronic systems several years ago. In 2019, we completed two contracts based on components provided by Seraphim. One for the supply of Ground Traffic Control Equipment for military airports with the BEE-3 optoelectronic head (more information at Implemented projects: Ground Traffic Control Equipment for military airports), the second for delivery of ROSS (Remote Observation Surveillance System).

Seraphim Optronics relies on more than 20 years of close collaboration with military and paramilitary users, relying on leading imaging, DSP and communication techniques. The company effectively responds to the needs of customers in the field of technical security for operations, detection and surveillance, reconnaissance, combat, defense, intelligence missions, etc.

The Seraphim Optronics portfolio includes solutions promoted by Siltec on the Polish market:

  • The set includes reconnaissance modules including a daylight camera and an infrared camera, seismic sensors, communication module with a tripod, a command and control station, a set of batteries and chargers, a set of transport cases and backpacks, a masking set and a software package.
  • The set is used for real-time day and night observation of terrain and objects (targets), in various climatic, atmospheric and terrain conditions.
  • The set enables detection and recognition of objects (targets), supervision of a designated area of operation, protection (peripheral protection) of the area by alerting, assessing the terrain and its effects (e.g. damage).
  • GABRIEL is a portable multi-sensor system that combines a powerful radar, a thermal imaging camera and a day camera for tactical field surveillance.
  • Specially designed to carry out observation / reconnaissance missions by Land Forces.
  • FIREFLY is part of a compact, unified line of Multi-Sensing products using short range radar, HD camera and thermal imaging camera.
  • FIREFLY can be integrated with external sensors such as seismic sensors and controlled remotely from a command and control center.
  • FIREFLY is used in commercial applications to protect and ensure the safety of facilities such as large production plants, railroad crossings, to protect critical infrastructure facilities and in military systems.

The Special Solutions Department also deals with the design, integration and implementation of perimeter protection systems.

One example is the project for the delivery of a perimeter protection system implemented in 2019 - Ground Traffic Control Equipment for military airports (more information at Implemented projects: Ground Traffic Control Equipment for military airports).


Perimeter protection systems
Perimeter protection systems

An exemplary perimeter protection system consists of two masts with radars and optoelectronic heads installed on them (daylight camera, thermal imaging camera, tilt-rotary mechanism) and three fully equipped operator stations, as well as dedicated software with a registration system.