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Mobile Surveillance Systems (MSS) for Polish Border Guard

Mobile Surveillance Systems (MSS) are built on off-road Toyota Hilux 4x4 vehicles with a 2.4-liter diesel engine and 150 km of power and an automatic transmission.

Ground Traffic Control Equipment for military airports

The contract covers the supply, installation, commissioning, testing and training of Ground Traffic Control Equipment at 9 military airports of the Polish Armed Forces.

Deliveries of portable cooled infrared cameras for Polish Border Guard

Siltec has been providing portable, cooled infrared cameras and accessories for the needs of Border Guard units since 2018. Siltec instructors also provide professional training for users. In total, we have already delivered over 122 cameras and in 2020 another delivery of 56 sets will be carried out.

Delivery of mobile Tactical Air Navigation System TACAN 2010

In 2016-2019, Siltec executed a contract for the supply of six mobile TACAN 2010 manufactured by the MOOG concern. The devices were installed and implemented to work at 6 airports of the Polish Air Force.

Mobile Military Lighting Sets - MOSKIT and SALKIT

In 2015, Siltec’s Special Solutions Department implemented a contract for the supply of Mobile Military Lighting Sets dedicated to increase safety during take-offs and landings.

Optoelectronic system on the Border Guard observation tower

The optoelectronic system designed and delivered to the Podlasie Border Guard Department in 2019 consists of elements installed on the observation tower, i.e. an optoelectronic head (daylight camera, thermal imaging camera with a cooling detector, laser rangefinder, pan-tilt platform) and an operator position at the Local Supervision Center in Kuźnica.

Wireless communication system for organizational units of the Prison Service

In 2018, we completed a contract for the supply of a Digital Radio Communication System for organizational units of the Prison Service. The system based on Motorola Solutions radio communication devices in the ETSI DMR Tier II standard was installed and launched in 179 arrests and prisons in the country.

Mobile Metrological Laboratory „RLM TRANSMET”

In 2019, we completed the delivery and star up of the Mobile Metrological Laboratory "TRANSMET".

ZO-2 and ZO-8 Lighting Sets

In 2017, Siltec in cooperation with PEX POOL PLUS delivered 30 sets of ZO-2 lighting sets and 10 sets of ZO-8 lighting sets.

Helicopter Personnel Vest Kit (ZKŚPL)

Under several contracts, until 2019, Siltec (consortium leader) together with the consortium member Ha3o Krzysztof Huras company, provided 1040 sets of Helicopter Personnel Vest Kits (ZKŚPL).
Each ZKŚPL kit includes a JAGA 1 evacuation vest, a JAGA ballistic (bulletproof) vest and an ISP 150N Twin Chamber HR Manual aviation life vest.

Implementation of the contract for the supply of the Base Station of the Military Satellite Communication System.

Siltec implemented the contract signed in 2018 for the supply of the Base Station of the Military Satellite Communication System (SB WSŁS).

Implementation of the contract for the supply of Reconnaissance Sensor Systems (SSR)

Consortium of SILTEC Sp. z o.o. (leader) and Exensor Technology implemented the contract concluded in September 2019 for the supply of Reconnaissance Sensor Systems (SSR).

Delivery of backpack jamming system (PZZ RC IED)

PZZ RC-IED or Jammers provides‘ electronic armour to security forces against Radio Frequency (RC) initiated Remotely Controlled Improvised Explosive Device (RCIED) threat. This equipment is used to protect pedestrian patrols on missions outside the Republic of Poland.

Customized Container Module

Base container for the construction of special facilities for military purposes, such as: Mobile Command Center, Field Post, Special Cabin or others.

Perimeter protection sets for the Border Guard

At the end of 2020, Siltec completed the delivery of 9 mobile perimeter sets for the detection and recognition of objects in border regions. Perimeter sets include, among others, seismic