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Mobile Military Lighting Sets - MOSKIT and SALKIT

In 2015, Siltec’s Special Solutions Department implemented a contract for the supply of Mobile Military Lighting Sets dedicated to increase safety during take-offs and landings.

We have adapted and supplied 12 sets of MOSKIT Mobile Lighting Sets on single-axle trailers and 12 sets of SALKIT Mobile Lighting Sets on single-axle trailers.

The MOSKIT (minimum operating strip lighting kit) device is designed to provide aircraft crews with safe take-off, landing, and conducting visual orientation of the aircraft's position in relation to the runway axis at the landing approach phase, etc.

The kit allows approach to landing with visual visibility above 3.7 km and approach on instruments with visibility above 800 m.

The main operational features of the set are: rapid dislocation in the field (3 people team - development time up to 20 minutes), continuous operation at least 8 hours, effective masking of the lighting system by switching on and off by radio and manually.

SALKIT (supplementary airfield lighting kit) supplements runway and taxiway lighting.

MOSKIT and SALKIT mobile lighting sets have been deployed in eleven military units in Poland.

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