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Przewoźna Jednostka Nadzoru (PJN)

Mobile Surveillance Systems (MSS) for Polish Border Guard

Mobile Surveillance Systems (MSS) are built on off-road Toyota Hilux 4x4 vehicles with a 2.4-liter diesel engine and 150 km of power and an automatic transmission.

MSS are dedicated to perform the function of ad hoc observation posts. MSS allows not only detection and recognition of the object, but also recording the result of the observation and determining the coordinates of the location of the observed objects.

MSS are equipped with an integrated observation head containing a thermal imaging camera, day camera, laser rangefinder, GPS and north sensor as well as two comfortable operator stations equipped with monitors and a system for control of electro optical equipment.

Thanks to the innovative construction solutions and the highest class equipment, MSS ensure comfortable and safe working conditions during the mission for 2 operators, giving them the opportunity to work simultaneously or in shifts using the full functionality of the observation system.

Siltec Sp. z o.o. in 2018  completed a contract for the supply of 23 MSS vehicles and a simulator for training MSS operators installed at the Border Guard Training Center in Kętrzyn. Under the contract, more than two hundred representatives of the Border Guard were trained, including operators, drivers and technicians.

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