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Wireless communication system for organizational units of the Prison Service

In 2018, we completed a contract for the supply of a Digital Radio Communication System for organizational units of the Prison Service. The system based on Motorola Solutions radio communication devices in the ETSI DMR Tier II standard was installed and launched in 179 arrests and prisons in the country.

The Prison Service Digital Radio Communication System (CSŁRSW) consists of autonomous Radio Communication Systems in Organizational Units (CSŁRJO) connected by a LAN / WAN network. The CSŁRJO consists of radio inverters, base stations (basic mobile radios) and dispatch stations installed at individual facilities. Connectors between vehicle mobile radios and personal mobile radios are connected via repeaters and base stations.

CSŁRSW operates in the 148-174 MHz frequency range, using six currently used radio channels with 12.5 kHz channel spacing and newly acquired duplex channels.

The digital CSŁRSW supports:

  • working duplex channel – 1st time slot of the drive,
  • data channel – 2nd time slot of the drive,
  • simplex channels for mobile and emergency communications,
  • a nationwide cooperation channel with the Police National Network.

CSŁRSW aims to guarantee, in the area of operation of each Prison Service organizational unit, certain, technologically advanced, safe and reliable radio communication for all system users for purposes such as:

  • providing dynamic support for the management of the unit in its normal operation,
  • supporting operational management processes in cases of threat to the security of the unit (active occurrences of prisoners, natural disasters, technical disasters, etc.),
  • increasing the level of convoy security,
  • ensuring operational connectivity and personal safety for officers operating inside and outside the unit.

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