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Navigation Systems

We offer navigation systems:

  • GPS receivers
  • tactical air navigation systems
  • radio navigation aids


In 2016-2019, Siltec completed a contract for the supply of six TACAN 2010 mobile navigation systems, produced by MOOG.

Mor information, Implemented projects: Delivery of mobile Tactical Air Navigation System TACAN 2010

Tactical Air Navigation System (TACAN)
Tactical Air Navigation System (TACAN)

The system is designed to automatically measure the azimuth and distance of the aircraft from the system deployment location. In cooperation with the on-board equipment of the aircraft, the system ensures continuous transmission of aircraft location in polar coordinates (azimuth, distance) and provides a reconnaissance signal.

In the area of navigation systems for aviation, airport and port applications, Siltec cooperates with SEAIRTECH.

SEAIRTECH is a company providing engineering services all over the world, focused on the design and effective implementation of safe and cost-effective technological solutions for customers of the areas of Airports, Maritime Shipping and National Defense.