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OKO - Armored Observation Container

Armored Observation Container (OKO) allows you to view and record the image around the container from six cameras, including two mounted on the mast, while ensuring the protection and safety of the container operators thanks to the armored structure that meets the requirements of the KE2 level according to STANAG 4569 edition 3.

Made in accordance with 1CC load and hook container standard, which enables its loading and transport with the use of vehicles adapted for this purpose. Dedicated hooklift truck can be delivered together with the container.

The defense solutions of the Armored Observation Container, which increase the level of protection of operators and their safety, include: a structure that meets the requirements of the KE2 level according to STANAG 4569 edition 3, shooting positions, an evacuation hatch, windows with tilting louvers and a filter-ventilation system. For observation activities, the container is equipped with two high-speed cameras mounted on an 8-meter retractable pneumatic mast, four stationary cameras located with remotely controlled external floodlights at the corners of the container, a simultaneous viewing and recording system, an operator’s desk and a communication system. The container has the option of connecting an external mains supply or operating from a power generator installed in the technical space, equipped with the function of automatic switching during the loss of the power grid. In the event of a temporary power failure, the UPS device will enable data recording and proper system termination. In addition, the Armored Observation Container is equipped with an air-conditioning system and air heaters, two beds, weapon racks, a refrigerator, LED lighting with anti-aircraft warfare, external lighting with motion sensors, as well as a sanitary and hygienic room.


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