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MMD - Mobile Surveillance Module

Mobile Surveillance Module (MMD) allows to simultaneously view and record the image from six cameras, including two cameras mounted on a mast and four cameras located up to 50 m from the device.

The body is built on a trailer frame with a GVM of 750 kg. The main element of the MMD is an 8-meter pneumatic mast that can be folded for transport. Technical boxes are divided into two spaces: cargo and server. The first one stores equipment and cameras in protective cases. The server part has a built-in rack, batteries and an external connection board. The MMD has the option of connecting an external mains power supply or a portable generator in the EMC casing included in the MMD equipment. In the event of a power failure, the UPS device will allow data to be saved and the system to shut down properly. The unit is equipped with a tarpaulin, fold-out supports, leveling indicators, fasteners with an opening block and a set of lashings to increase the stability of the mast and the safety of users. There is a possibility of delivery with a dedicated car.


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