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The most convenient and commonly used solution for electromagnetic protection of processed classified information are TEMPEST computer sets, consisting of:

  • a PC,
  • a monitor,
  • a keyboard,
  • a mouse,
  • peripheral equipment (e.g., a printer and a scanner).

We offer TEMPEST PCs which, in terms of performance and technical parameters, are equal to commercial PCs currently available on the market.

The use of additional, unique security measures, implemented in the form of software solutions (appropriate software) and hardware (smart card reader, sensors detecting an open computer case, computer case lock, electronic monitor, keyboard and mouse locking system) provides additional protection against unauthorised access. The computer configuration can be customised according to individual user needs. The computers are available in the SDIP-27 Level A, B, C versions.


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SDIP-27 Level A computer set
SDIP-27 Level A Mini PC
SDIP-27 Level A SFF workstation