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Shielded racks and enclosures

For individual projects that require the use of equipment that is not available in TEMPEST design, we suggest the use of alternative solutions such as shielded enclosures. These provide effective shielding against the radiated emissions coming from such equipment. The design of the enclosure is adapted to the type, shape and configuration of the equipment to be protected.

We offer the following types of shielded enclosures:

  • individual, for single ICT devices,
  • 19'' or 21'' shielded racks in various heights (from 16U to 47U).

Shielded racks and enclosures are available in SDIP-27 Level A, B, C versions.


If you have questions or need a quote, write to us at: tempest|siltec.pl| |tempest|siltec.pl


Szafa ekranująca RACK 19” 16U SDIP-27 Level A