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Anti-drone Systems

In the field of anti-drone systems, DRS cooperates with Enterprise Control Systems Limited (ECS).

In 2019, DRS established cooperation with Enterprise Control Systems Limited in the field of, inter alia, AUDS (Anti-UAV Defense System) . The AUDS is a fully integrated TRL-9 transportable system that can detect, track and defeat a drone in approximately 15 seconds, in a range of up to 10 km.

AUDS detects the drone using cutting-edge electronic technology - a micro-Doppler scanner, tracks it with a high-precision infrared  and daylight camera, and advanced video tracking software, using a non-kinetic radio frequency (RF) inhibitor to defeat the drone.

AUDS is field proven. Detects all types of drones, including fixed wing and quadopters. The system is able to simultaneously fight a swarm of drones consisting of up to 52 objects.

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